Latina giving circle donates record amount to local nonprofits

The organization works to transform how Latinas are viewed in business, education, arts, health, public service and community leadership.

The Hispanic 100 (H100) Latina Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation awarded a record $150,000 in grants to 29 North Texas area nonprofits serving the needs of Latina women and girls in low- and moderate-income communities.

Grants were given to the following:

The H100 Latina Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation was established in 2019 by the Hispanic 100 Network to further engage Latinas in philanthropy, and to expand resources for local organizations whose mission is to empower, educate and support Latinas across North Texas.

Donating to the H100 Latina Giving Circle is open to anyone who has a desire to join a legacy of philanthropy that creates positive change by investing in the lives of Latinas.

Cris Zertuche Wong, H100 Latina Giving Circle Co-Chair, said “We are grateful to our donors whose generosity made it possible to award these grants that will be used to provide programs and services to Latinas and families during such a trying time. Today, 41% of the population in Dallas-Fort Worth is Hispanic, and the needs have grown.* These nonprofit organizations are on the frontlines of helping the most vulnerable, and we want to support their efforts to make life better for them.”

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