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Game, Set, Match – 35th Anniversary party for The Magdalen House propels mission

Event proceeds help North Texas women achieve and sustain recovery from alcoholism.

The Magdalen House announces it raised more than $50,000 at the second annual Game, Set, Match event on May 21 at Lakewood Country Club. Funds will cover the cost of live-saving recovery services for 27 women who enroll in the organization’s First Step program.

A recovery community for alcoholic women, The Magdalen House helps clients achieve and sustain sobriety at no cost. It’s programs are based on 12-step spiritual principles. It has provided free services in North Texas since 1987.

In celebration of organization’s 35th anniversary this year, the fundraising event featured an 80’s theme. Activities included tennis, live music and food. Tickets were $200 each, which included one guaranteed game of tennis, drinks and dinner. Attendees could choose from three levels of play – beginner, intermediate and Fast4 Knock-Out tournament (Advanced). An award ceremony followed all play. .

According to a recent study, women increased their drinking by 41% before the pandemic. Today, there are over 250,000 alcoholic women in North Texas alone. Less than 1 in 15 alcoholic women (only 6.9%) will seek formal help. Because women face more stigmatization, shame, family responsibilities, and socioeconomic barriers than men, they frequently have co-occurring disorders and are less likely to seek treatment.

The Magdalen House offers comprehensive programs.

  • First Step program: A two-week, residential program for an alcoholic woman who wants to stop drinking but cannot. She is provided with the education and resources to achieve sobriety and build a foundation of recovery.
  • Next Step program: A three-phase, nonresidential program for an alcoholic woman at any stage of recovery. She is provided with support and structure to sustain her recovery while growing in her knowledge of 12-Step spiritual principles.
  • Meetings and Fellowship: Solution-focused classes, meetings, and workshops are provided for alcoholic women at every stage of recovery, 365 days a year. We also have dedicated volunteers who provide Family Support to families and loved ones of alcoholics.
  • Resources and Education: Community partnerships help us connect alcoholic women and their families to resources that include sober living, counseling, and women’s health. At the same time, education initiatives allow us to reach and serve more alcoholic women.

“For 35 years, we have proudly changed the lives of so many alcoholic women by offering compassion and support at every stage of recovery,” says Lisa Kroencke executive director of The Magdalen House. “Funds generated by Game, Set, Match empower us to offer programs that provide solution-based education and resources to alcoholic women as well as their families and loved ones.” publishes every week.
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