TCU faces federal racial discrimination lawsuit from former advancement employee

The filing seeks money for lost wages, mental anguish and other damages.

A federal lawsuit has been filed against Texas Christian University (TCU) by a former employee of the institution. The legal filing accuses TCU of racial discrimination when it fired the Linda Lopez last year.

Lopez worked in TCU’s advancement department for 13 years, according to the complaint. It also stated that an evaluation by a former supervisor described Lopez, who is Hispanic, as a “rock star.” Lopez’s filing asserts that after she took medical leave in January 2020, she began to receive “unwarranted criticisms.”

“TCU has been permeated with an ethic of white elitism that has long discouraged the equal participation of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other racial minorities in university life at all levels,” attorney Jason Smith wrote in the complaint.

A TCU spokesperson has said the private university typically does not comment on lawsuits. publishes every week.
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