Tarrant County commits $35M to nonprofits

Tarrant County received requests for funding totaling $208 million from 95 organizations that submitted 131 applications. An evaluation committee made up of two administrative staff, one audit staff, one budget staff, and one representative from each Commissioners Court member reviewed and scored each proposal for program readiness and alignment with the County’s COVID-19 Needs Assessment findings. Proposals were also scored on a number of socio-economic indicators, availability of matching funds, and project readiness.

United Way of Tarrant County and The YMCA were approved to receive the majority of resources. Contract discussions will now begin with each organization that has been approved for funding and staff will bring each contract back to the Commissioners Court for final approval at a later date.

The more than $35 million approved in funding leverages an additional $25 million in matching funds. Individual project awards range from $210k to $4.8 million. Other awardees include:

“I am proud of the process we’ve used to approach spending these federal funds in Tarrant County,” said Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley. “By initiating a county-wide needs assessment, followed by issue-specific roundtables with community leaders, we have been comprehensive, inclusive, and strategic at every step. I believe we are setting the example for other counties about how to maximize these once-in-a-lifetime funds.” publishes every week.
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