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Southwest Transplant Alliance announces groundbreaking

Southwest Transplant Alliance announced through a Facebook live stream on Nov. 14th that they are beginning construction of a new state-of-the-art facility in Dallas. Patti Niles, President and CEO, spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony about the growth STA has undergone. In the past 45 years they have grown from a 3 person organization with 10 kidney transplants a year, to over 200 employees and upwards of 1200 transplants a year. Last year they took on another goal to find recovery tissue donors, adding to the ways they can save lives through donations and transplants. They also introduced a new innovative software program designed to help streamline the process of finding matches with other local hospitals. Earlier this year they built a new call center, remarking that they are expected take over 50,000 calls a year. To capitalize on the immense growth they’ve undergone they are expanding their reach by creating a new state-of-art facility. The new facility will decrease travel time, increase efficiency and improve transplant outcomes to save more lives. It will feature five state of the art operating rooms, six donor care units, a special room for donor family support, new innovating technology, and a memorial garden to honor donors and their families. The center is scheduled to open Mar. 2020 and construction will start next month. The building will consist of three levels and encompass 77,000 square ft.


STA is the bridge between those who make the decision to donate their organs and those in need of a lifesaving organ transplant. STA’s dedicated and compassionate staff work in hospitals to guide grieving families through the donation process and provide the clinical services needed to recover, prepare and transport organs and tissues to those awaiting a lifesaving or life-enhancing transplant.

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