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Rivertree Academy Students Attend Luncheon at Fort Worth Club

The Star-Telegram reported that Congressman Marc Veasey spoke to a group of 30 second- through fifth-graders from Fort Worth’s Rivertree Academy last month as they were invited to lunch with him at the Fort Worth Club.

Rivertree Academy Executive Director Terrance Butler told the Star-Telegram that the invitation to the luncheon was unexpected. “We’ve been teaching how important it is for a family to sit down together at meals — showing pride, pulling out a lady’s chair, about napkins, which fork to use,” Butler told the Star-Telegram. He said a donor then offered to sponsor a lunch for the students.

The Star-Telegram reports that Rivertree students come from a statistically at-risk setting. Two-thirds of their families live below the poverty line, and one-third have a family member who’s served time. The Rivertree Academy website states that most all of its students will receive significant scholarship support from the community.


Rivertree Academy is a private Christian school in Fort Worth, Texas providing community-funded education for under-resourced students in the Lake Como neighborhood. Find out more on the school’s website. publishes every week.
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