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Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance in need of volunteers for 2019 Homeless Count

WBAP News Talk reported on Dec. 17th that Dallas and Collin counties are in need of volunteers for 2019 Homeless Count. David Gruber with Dallas Metro Homeless Alliance said having an accurate gauge of the number of homeless individuals in the area is critical to helping the homeless community year-round. “This is very useful information to municipalities and non profits. It’s very difficult to serve a specific need if you don’t have a specific number,” he said. The count also helps give them answers to the demographics among the homeless population. “How many veterans? How many families? How many families with children? How many families without children? How many are chronically homeless?” he said. The official homeless count is January 24th and volunteers will be able to enter information with the new “Counting Us” app. Learn more on the organization’s website.


The Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA) leads the development of an effective homeless response system that will make the experience of homelessness in Dallas and Collin Counties rare, brief, and non-recurring. MDHA brings together more than 85 shelter, housing and supportive services programs in retooling homeless services into a crisis response system. publishes every week.
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