Meadows Museum opens Salvador Dalí Exhibit

The Meadows Museum, located on the SMU campus in Dallas, announced the opening of “Dalí: Poetics of the Small 1929-1936”, and exhibit focused on the work of Spanish artist Salvador Dalí. The museum houses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Spanish art outside of Spain.

Comprised of nearly two dozen paintings drawn from national and international, public and private collections, this exhibition examines Dalí’s predilection for the small and his possible inspirations, including the influences of photography and collage and his love for the precise technique in works by Dutch masters such as Johannes Vermeer. These tiny Surrealist masterpieces have never been systematically studied or exhibited as a cohesive group, and the Meadows Museum is the exclusive venue for this exhibition.

The “Dalí: Poetics of the Small 1929-1936” exhibit will run from September 9 through December 9. Tickets are $12 for adults, $8 for seniors, $4 for students that do not attend SMU and free for children under 12, SMU students/faculty/staff and Meadows Museum members.

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The Meadows Museum is committed to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of art through the collection and interpretation of works of the greatest aesthetic and historical importance, as exemplified by the founding collection of Spanish art. The museum is a resource of Southern Methodist University that serves a broad and international audience as well as the university community through meaningful exhibitions, publications, workshops, and other educational programs and encourages public participation through a broad-based membership. Find out more on the museum’s website. publishes every week.
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