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LVTRise appoints new leader and board members

The organization seeks to address education, improve quality housing and reduce neighborhood crime in the community served.

LVTRise, a collaboration of private companies, human service organizations and government agencies helping residents of the Las Vegas Trail area in Fort Worth improve their day-to-day lives, has announced the appointment of its new executive director.

Paige Charbonnet assumes the role after being named interim executive director in April. Prior to that, she served the agency as a board member and board secretary. Charbonnet and her family live in a neighboring area near Las Vegas Trail.

“We are so fortunate to have Paige as our newly appointed executive director,” said LVTRise Board President Ty Stimpson. “Thanks to her professionalism, dedication and leadership, the transition has been seamless. I have no doubt she is the right person at the right time to lead this organization into a new phase of hope and continued evolution for those we serve in this community.”

Paige holds a Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University.

LVTRise has also added the following individuals to its board of directors for a three-year term:

Julie Ann Swearingin, Fort Worth Police Department, Assistant Chief
Swearingin has been employed with the Fort Worth Police Department for more than 26-years. She is a graduate of Tarleton State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. Swearingin holds a Master Peace Officer License and a Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Instructor Certification.

Tori White, Veritex Community Bank, Vice President and Associate Marketing Manager
White is a member of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and built a relationship with LVTRise as a volunteer at the Food Pantry. She has coordinated opportunities for other Fort Worth Veritex Bank employees to get involved at LVTRise.  

Felipe Gutierrez, One Safe Place, Vice President of Development & Engagement
Gutierrez, EMBA, was with AT&T for almost 17 years where he served as a labor relations leader with the Communication Workers of America. Gutierrez serves on the city of Fort Worth Human Relations Commission and volunteers as a member of the Fort Worth Police Department Advisory Board.T

LVT began as a mobile community center providing social services and access to resources for area residents after a series of Town Hall meetings uncovered significant deficiencies and a lack of resources in this part of the community. In 2018, the Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Project became the registered nonprofit currently known as LVTRise, Inc.

Rise Community Center opened to the public in 2020, providing a permanent home for the organization. The city of Fort Worth has since opened a branch of the public library system in the community center.

“Our tide is slowly rising,” said Charbonnet. “We have a growing board, active programming and new opportunities ahead, but there is still much to do for those who call LVT home. I want to thank those who came before me for their hard work and dedication, as well as those who continue to walk hand-in-hand with us to make a better way of life for the folks in this community.” publishes every week.
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