Korean community raises funds for war memorial

The monument was designed by Dallas sculptors.

Dignitaries and survivors of the Korean War Battle of the Chosin Reservoir – also known in Korea as the Battle of Lake Jangjjn – recently gathered at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery for the groundbreaking of a new nonprofit-funded memorial.

Prominent members of the Korean community helped raise funds for the memorial by Metroplex Military Charitable Trust and the North Texas Chapter of the Chosin Few.

The Metroplex Military Charitable Trust was started in 1990. Its mission is to provide economic support to local military personnel, as well as to military support charities and volunteer organizations. The Trust’s longest and largest effort has been to provide direct support to families of amputee, PTSD, and brain-injured veterans through the North Texas VA Warrior Patient Shuttle service.

Designed by Dallas sculptors Mark Austin Byrd and Jenelle Armstrong Byrd, the DFW Jangjin-Chosin Few Memorial will be a 12-foot-tall, polished black granite wall with engravings on both sides and is expected to be completed in Spring 2022.

The monument will tell the story of the important battle after the People’s Republic of China sent more than 100,000 troops to infiltrate the northeastern part of North Korea and trap the 18,000 UN forces, including U.S. Marines and Army soldiers, at the Chosin Reservoir (Lake Jangjin.) Survivors of the battle are known as the Chosin Few. The Battle of the Chosin Reservoir is considered by military historians to be one of the most significant battles in the history of the Marine Corps. publishes every week.
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