Classy joins the GoFundMe family

The two brands will continue to operate as separate companies until the acquisition deal has officially closed.

GoFundMe recently announced its acquisition of Classy in an all-equity transaction. Together, the brands plan to create a definitive solution for giving to help reach more people and nonprofits.

Over the past 10 years, Classy has grown to become the category leader in nonprofit fundraising. Customers raise 10 figures annually on the Classy platform from nearly 5 million donors, many of whom choose to support nonprofits through ongoing donations. From our conversations with GoFundMe, the brand realized its impact for the social sector could be greater if the two aligned.

Together, the companies can unite individual donors with the organizations that support their most cherished causes. They envision a scenario where those driven to an individual GoFundMe campaign can then be connected to a nonprofit addressing the root cause driving the need.

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