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Knitting group at The Legacy Willow Bend to donate 3,000 items on Monday

Throughout the year, residents of The Legacy Willow Bend, Plano’s only life care retirement community, look for ways to help those in need. As the holiday season approaches, they feel it’s important to make a difference.

The Ladies of The Legacy Willow Bend, the community’s knitting group, on Monday afternoon will donate 3,000 items they knitted or crocheted to various local organizations. The group has created more than 17,000 pieces since its inception, and the distribution event is a much-anticipated yearly tradition.

At the event, the groups accepting the donations will also speak individually about how the items serve others. The event will take place at 3 p.m. at the community at 6101 Ohio Drive, and representatives from the following groups will accept donations:

  • Dallas Police Department
  • Girl Scouts Troop #953: allotment to Dallas CASA, TOM’s and Communities in Schools
  • Hope’s Door
  • International Refugee Committee and Pebbles Apartments
  • Jewish Family Service
  • Plano Police Department
  • Streetside Showers
  • Vickery Meadow Food Pantry and Clothes Closet
  • Christ United Methodist Church
  • Cochran Chapel United Methodist Church

“Through the volunteer program here at The Legacy Willow Bend, residents can give back and make a difference for others in the local community,” stated Rivae Campo, volunteer coordinator, in a press release. “We take pride in supporting other not-for-profit organizations, as we understand that it takes a group effort to positively impact the lives of those in need. The Ladies of The Legacy Willow Bend are nothing short of remarkable, and we are humbled by their dedication to give back.”

The Ladies of The Legacy Willow Bend work on the projects throughout the year by knitting and crocheting hats, washcloths, scarves and children’s blankets. For the past eight years, the group has remained steadfast in its commitment to provide articles of clothing to the area homeless and families in need.

For volunteer Sonia Goodman, supporting the group’s efforts reminds her of the blessings she has received and provides her with the opportunity to share them with others.

“It’s incredibly fulfilling to provide someone with an item that you’ve made with your own hands,” she stated. “What has been accomplished by the group is astounding when you start to think about it, and it’s incredible to imagine the impact made on so many lives.

“Over the years, we’ve received remarkable support from all across the state through yarn donations; and it’s amazing to think of all the people who had a hand in making what we do possible. We hope that our efforts inspire others to think about ways they can make a difference.”

“It’s an honor to have people like The Ladies of The Legacy Willow Bend as a part of our community,” stated Laura Levy, executive director of The Legacy Willow Bend. “The group’s efforts are heartwarming and a reminder of true generosity. We are proud to support them in their endeavor to give back to those in need in the greater community.”

If people are interested in supporting The Ladies of The Legacy Willow Bend in their work and would like to donate yarn, they prefer to work with all colors, including variegated and mixed colors. They also prefer medium worsted weight yarn over bulky or baby yarn. Donations to the group may be dropped off with the concierge at the front desk. publishes every week.
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