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When We Love copes with burglary

NBC DFW reported on Nov. 12th that When We Love, a Fort Worth faith-based homeless center, was the victim of burglary by one of the volunteers. Surveillance cameras revealed one suspect who was identified as a local homeless man and two accomplices moving methodically over a period of more than four hours. The trio made off with about $20,000 in electronics and property. Gary Wilkerson, founder of When We Love, was shocked and hurt when he recognized a face of one of the burglars as a man who’d been volunteered for several months and was staying in the warehouse at the time. Wilkerson had offered the homeless volunteer a place to sleep away from the cold, never did he think it would have resulted in this outcome. “You can’t really fault yourself for giving someone a shot,” Wilkerson said. “I would tell [the burglar] I forgive him. That doesn’t take away the pain at this point, but it could take away the pain later.”

The nonprofit does have insurance but Wilkerson stated that the deductable is simply too high. They are looking for monetary and computer donations from the community during this time of healing.


When We Love is faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the poor and homeless in, and around, Tarrant County, Texas.  While they are led to serve anyone in need, their focus is on serving youth and single parent families struggling with poverty and homelessness, two of the most vulnerable demographics within the homeless population. Beyond serving their immediate needs, When We Love seeks to equip and empower those they serve so that they can achieve stability, transformation and self-sufficiency. publishes every week.
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