Volunteers partner with Samaritan’s Feet to provide shoes for 2,000 Dallas kids

Volunteers from several churches in North Texas worked together and with nonprofit Samaritan’s Feet on Oct. 21 to put shoes and socks on the feet of 2,000 children in need.

Volunteers met at St. Philip’s School & Community Center in Dallas. They washed the children’s feet before providing them with socks and shoes.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Samaritan’s aims to inspire hope through the gift of shoes, the act of washing feet, and encouragement to those who need it most. People without shoes face dangers such as laceration, fungus, and insect bites that can lead to infection, disease, and even death.

“It was such a joy to see one kid, much less 2,000 of them, receiving one-on-one attention from the Reconcile Dallas volunteers who came to wash their feet, put new socks and shoes on them,” said Kelly Kitchens Wickersham, one of the volunteers. “I saw kids as young as 3 and as old as 14 jumping for joy and dancing in their new sneakers. Several of them told me they had only ever worn hand-me-down shoes from their brothers and sisters.”

Samaritan’s was founded by Manny Ohonme, who received his first pair of shoes at the age of 9 when he was living in Nigeria. The event changed his life, and his message of hope and compassion for others has spread in more than 300 cities throughout the U.S., with Dallas serving as one.

First photo: Founder Manny Ohonme washes the feet of a young girl who attended the Samaritan’s Feet event Oct. 21 in Dallas. Photos were taken by Armando M. Lopez. publishes every week.
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