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United Way of Tarrant County announces KERNEL winners

United Way of Tarrant County’s KERNEL Live! event took place on Thursday, Nov. 1 at Four Day Weekend in Fort Worth. All three of the KERNEL Live! finalists won financial prizes at the event.

Taste Community Restaurant was awarded a $10,000 prize, Rosa es Rojo was awarded a $15,000 prize and The Welman Project was awarded a $25,000 prize.

The organization shared the following post on it’s Facebook page:

Kernel LIVE! at Four Day Weekend was a social innovation success last night and everyone went home with $$$! Congrats to our finalists The Welman ProjectTaste Project and Rosa es Rojo#LIVEUNITED

The Welman Project also shared about its experience at the event with the following Facebook post:

We are on cloud 9. Literally, Taylor is on an airplane. No but seriously folks the Wellies are totally humbled, honored and in utter shock that we were awarded $25,000 through United Way of Tarrant County’s KERNEL Live Pitch Competition and were the recipients of Fort Worth Weekly’s People’s Choice Awards. Like, what?! Congrats to our friends at Rosa es Rojo and Taste Project on their awesome wins as well. We will say it again – Fort Worth has the best, most uplifting and collaborative nonprofit vibe, hands down. Together for each other, together for good in the world, together makes us all better. #kernellive#united #welliewin #fortworthnonprofit #philanthropysharktank

*Photo provided courtesy of United Way of Tarrant County. publishes every week.
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