TheaterJones posts Open Letter to the WaterTower Theatre Board

In a recent post on TheaterJones, seven theater artists collaborated to write a letter to the board of directors at Addison’s WaterTower Theatre regarding the recent resignation of Joanie Schultz. The letter emphasizes the need to continue building on a mission of transparency, intersectionality, artistic rigor, racial and gender diversity, and inclusive and innovative storytelling, which Schultz worked to implement the last two years. “Schultz’s departure brings unflattering attention to Addison and North Texas theatre and confuses the arts community at large. Schultz is a well-qualified theatre artist and has strong ties to multiple artistic communities across the nation. Her premature departure reflects directly on our community’s ability and willingness to take our place on the national stage.” The authors express their collective concern over the statement released by the board of directors “We as a board have made a commitment to continue building on and protecting the theater’s legacy…” they expand stating that historically the WTT has been exclusionary to women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. The letter reflects on the necessary action needed to protect and promote the WTT during this time.


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