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The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation funds mental health wellness curriculum at TCU/UNTHSC School of Medicine

The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation, a nonprofit serving North Texas, has provided research funding in the amount of $15,000 to the TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine’s THRIVE wellness curriculum. Physician burnout has become an epidemic, with far reaching implications for patients, clinicians, and health systems. Physicians in training must be educated about burnout, but more importantly must be engaged to consider what information, skills, and advancements are needed to mitigate the effects of burnout and move toward resilience.

Simply stated, medical students are a population at risk for mental health challenges and suicide. The TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine supports its physicians in training and is proactive in arming them with the proper tools to be mentally healthy students as well as physicians in their chosen fields of medicine.

The TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine has developed the THRIVE wellness curriculum.  

THRIVE is the longitudinal, integrated and collaborative system of instruction, learning and support for the School of Medicine students focusing on their well-being. Part of the mission of The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation, a North Texas nonprofit dedicated to suicide prevention, is to support innovative projects that address mental health. “The mental health research funding component of our mission is so critical in that it provides much needed dollars to advance the methods and ways we treat mental health including depression and suicide,” Christina Judge, Executive Director. 

 “We are so pleased to be working with The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation for another year and are grateful for their support of our mission to transform holistic medical education.  Students in medical school face significant challenges and literally deal with life and death. This funding helps us to provide the skills and training necessary to be prepared for the rigors of practicing medicine,” Dr. Danika Franks, assistant dean for Student Affairs.

“This is a generous and thoughtful gift that will pay dividends for these future physicians and their patients.  It is always a victory when we can align support from generous organizations in the community directly with our innovative and student-centered programs at the medical school.  I cannot thank The Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation enough for their generosity, foresight, and vision to support future physicians,” Dr. Stuart Flynn, founding dean. publishes every week.
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