Texas Women’s Foundation’s Orchid Giving Circle Distributes Grants

Anna Hung, Cynthia Yung, Tracey Doi. Photo credit: Kris Ikejiri

The Orchid Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation, located in Dallas, celebrated its fifth year by distributing $219,500 in grants to 14 nonprofit organizations to benefit the North Texas Asian community.

Orchid Giving Circle at Texas Women’s Foundation is a group of Asian women who work together, pool their resources and leverage their networks to award community grants that support social change and services benefitting the North Texas Asian community. Orchid members, representing a wide range of Asian cultures, ages, ethnicities and professions, have a goal to increase awareness of the local Asian population, their community needs and philanthropic opportunities.

Cynthia Yung, Orchid Giving Circle Co-chair, gave an update of the organization and its growth: “From when we started in 2015 with a handful of members, to almost 60 members today, we’ve grown in numbers and collective impact. Our grants help support the underserved community of North Texas Asians.” publishes every week.
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