Texas Women’s Foundation Launches “Count Her In” Campaign

The Texas Women’s Foundation, located in Dallas, has launched “Count Her In,” a social media campaign celebrating 100 people, organizations and milestones that have advanced voting rights for Texas women from the earliest days of the suffrage movement through the present day.

The campaign runs for 62 weeks, from June 28, 2019, the same day that Texas ratified the 19th Amendment in 1919, to August 26, 2020, celebrated as Women’s Equality Day. The campaign tells stories of women and men in Texas who were leaders in voters’ rights, with the goal to educate and activate more people, particularly women, to register and exercise their right to vote. 

Roslyn Dawson Thompson, Texas Women’s Foundation president and CEO, said, “With our goal to transform Texas for women and girls, Texas Women’s Foundation believes that can only take place when women are full participants, and a critical way to achieve that is by motivating more women to exercise their right to vote. This project can be a catalyst for women across the state to understand their rights and use them.” publishes every week.
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