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Tarrant County Blue requesting donations for family of slain Officer Garrett Hull

The Star-Telegram reported that Tarrant County Blue is seeking donations for the family of slain Fort Worth undercover police officer Garrett Hull (pictured), who was killed last weekend while he was on duty.

The nonprofit organization is seeking donations to help provide financial aid to Officer Hull’s family. Hull was married with two daughters.

All funds raised through Tarrant County Blue will be donated directly to the Hull family, according to a report by the Star-Telegram.

“We would like to give 100 percent of funds raised to Hull’s family to show our support for Officer Hull’s dedication to making our hometowns safe to raise our families and to own our businesses,” said Greg Morse, co-fouder of Tarrant County Blue and CEO of Worthington National Bank, to the Star-Telegram.

Donations may be made by check to Tarrant County Blue, P.O. Box 1659, Fort Worth, Texas 76101.


Tarrant County Blue (TCB) is a 501 (c) 3 organization that now boasts more than 40 Board Members that include civic dignitaries, police officials, city and state government representatives, and many other area leaders of business and industry.

“The number one reason TCB exists is to provide a cash donation to each fallen officer’s family to express his or her community’s heartfelt condolence and appreciation,” says Logan Morse, founding chairman. “And the more people we can attract to join this worthwhile cause, the larger the amount we can contribute.”

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