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Second Chance Farm forced to evacuate animals due to wildfire

The Star-Telegram reported that Second Chance Farm, located in Granbury, was forced to evacuate its animals late Monday as the nearby wildfire approached its location on U.S. Hwy 377.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, the fire had grown five acres and was just one road away from its facilities in Granbury. The organization reported that all of its animals had been evacuated by the afternoon, thanks to the help of many volunteers with trailers.

By late afternoon the fire was finally getting under control.

According to a Facebook post Tuesday morning, the organization will soon start bringing its livestock back to the farm from multiple locations. The post continued, “Yesterday was an exhausting day but so thankful for the first responders who fight the fires in this horrible heat. They are, ultimately, the ones who saved the animals at SCF.”


second Chance Farm offers an open space facility, a place of refuge, to help in protecting the quality of life and improve the well being of these animals through prevention, education, intervention, placement and lifetime care where they will live out their lives with dignity, love, and respect. Find out more on the organization’s website. publishes every week.
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