Rockwall Women’s League receives custom-made gift from Rockwall ISD Agriculture Students

Rockwall ISD Agriculture Students recently donated a custom-made fire pit to Rockwall Women’s League to be auctioned off at their annual gala Apr. 7.

Ethan Moore and Caleb Scott, both 11th graders at Rockwall HS, built the fire pit.

“It took us about two days to build,” said Caleb in a press release. “We tried really hard on it and in the end, it came out great.”

The Rockwall Women’s League and is comprised of 90 women who raise money each year for non-profit grants and student scholarships.

“Last year we were proud to award $120,000 in scholarships to Rockwall ISD students,” said Mary Bierds, 2018 Gala Publicity Chair. “We’re hoping to beat that number this year.”

Pictured Above (Left to Right): Ethan Moore and Caleb Scott


The commitment of Rockwall Women’s League is to unite and promote the Rockwall area through service to the community and through the initiation and support of civic, educational, and social events. Find out more on the organization’s website. publishes every week.
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