Rainwater Charitable Foundation launches world’s largest prize for brain research

The Fort Worth Business Press reports that the Rainwater Charitable Foundation announced Nov. 6 that it is launching the Rainwater Prize Program to encourage and reward scientific progress toward new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases related to the accumulation of tau protein in the brain. The FWBP went on to say that the foundation is offering up to $10 million for ground-breaking discoveries, making it the largest prize program for brain research ever created.


Founded in 1991 by Richard E. Rainwater, the foundation focuses on helping children in the United States, specifically targeting those coming from low-income families. With emphasis on early childhood education and cultivating of school leadership development in K-12 programs. In 2009 when Mr. Rainwater was diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), a neurodegenerative brain disease that has little to no scientific research or understanding, the mission expanded to include medical research. The Rainwater family has helped advance eight treatments into human trails and accumulated nearly $100 million in investments to date. publishes every week.
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