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Operation Kindness Welcomes New CEO Ed Jamison

CARROLLTON, Texas (March 4, 2021) – Embarking on a great new future for the leading no-kill animal organization in North Texas, Operation Kindness announces Ed Jamison’s appointment as its new chief executive officer. As a trusted industry colleague of the current CEO Bob Catalani, who is stepping down to retire, Jamison will be a valuable leader in enabling the animal welfare organization in its efforts to save the lives of homeless animals. Jamison will officially assume the new position at Operation Kindness, effective March 29, 2021. 

“We’re excited to welcome Ed Jamison to Operation Kindness as a valued partner and advocate on behalf of animals across North Texas,” said Mary Mitchell, board president of Operation Kindness. “His experience and expertise come at an exciting time for the shelter as we explore a new chapter of growth to continue to serve animals in need.”  

Having moved from the board to interim CEO in January 2019, and with the board of directors’ approval, Bob Catalani continued his position as chief executive officer for Operation Kindness until construction and the capital campaign were complete. With the recently completed renovations and expansion, the animal organization is beginning a new chapter with exceptional success and growth. Catalani recently announced his retirement plans and will continue to be on hand to ensure a successful transition. He will also resume his position on the board of directors. Catalani welcomes Jamison to the new role of CEO, having formed a friendship with a mutual goal of building and solidifying the importance of animal wellness advocacy across North Texas. 

“Having known Ed for several years and enjoying a collaborative rescue partnership with Dallas Animal Services, I’m excited to welcome him to the Operation Kindness leadership team as I retire,” said Bob Catalani, chief executive officer of Operation Kindness. “I’m grateful for having the opportunity to go beyond my role as interim CEO and have immensely enjoyed my time. To step in and assist to oversee the organization’s expansion has been extremely rewarding, and I look forward to seeing what Ed has in store for the future of this wonderful community.” 

With a passion for saving animal’s lives and an extensive background working in the animal rescue industry beginning in the early 2000s, Jamison worked in Cleveland, Ohio, before moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. In the position of Chief Animal Control Officer for the City of Cleveland, Jamison pushed to redefine functionality and public perception of animal control. The award-winning, trademarked CITY DOGs Cleveland Adoption and Volunteer programs continue to be flourishing programs copied throughout the country. 

Jamison is passionate about animal welfare, having adopted throughout the years. Currently, his pets include dogs, cats, fish, cows and donkeys. 

After moving to Texas, Jamison became the Director of Dallas Animal Services in the fall of 2017 to help decrease the population of roaming and homeless animals, understanding that animals should have a chance to feel safe, thrive and ultimately, be treated with respect. One of his initiatives instituted an innovative neonatal kitten program to save young kittens’ lives, resulting in an impressive and improved save rate. To ensure its continued success and other programs like it, Jamison has managed over 200 employees, expanded volunteer bases, and strengthened community relationships, including the partnership with Operation Kindness. Jamison is also the president of Texas Unites for Animals, Vice President of the National Animal Care and Control Organization and a board member for Shelter Animals Count and the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement. 

“I’ve never been more honored to partner with Operation Kindness during my time at Dallas Animal Services, and the ability to join the lifesaving work as CEO is a milestone in my passion for animal wellness,” said Jamison. “To be able to follow in the footsteps of Bob Catalani and the rest of the staff, I’m excited to be a part of a dedicated team to achieve all that we can to support dogs and cats in every way they need.” 

The consistent collaboration with Operation Kindness and over 40 municipal shelters and rescue groups has led to incredible changes for animals throughout the North Texas community. Thousands of homeless dogs and cats’ lives have forever been impacted for the better. As a well-respected leader in the animal welfare community, Jamison will continue the collaboration with DAS and other organizations with the full support and complete confidence of the board of directors and leadership team at Operation Kindness. This ensures the animal shelter will continue its mission to provide fundamental programs, resources, and opportunities for pets in need of a second chance at a great quality of life. 

With over 45 years of experience supporting and helping homeless animals, Operation Kindness goes above and beyond to prioritize essential programs and opportunities for medical treatment, training, behavioral assessments, food distribution, surrender prevention, education to pet parents, volunteering, fostering and adopting. Made possible by the community’s generosity, the animal shelter supports its vision of living in a world where all cats and dogs are fairly treated, loved, and adopted by families to call their own. With valuable resources and the expansion of the facility, Operation Kindness can drastically make a positive difference in the lives of pets and individuals who love them. publishes every week.
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