Nonprofit leaders take part in social innovation panel

Dallas Innovates is hosting a three-part series on social innovation in Dallas-Fort Worth. The series includes a panel of experts who will explore DFW as a destination for global impact work. Several nonprofit leaders join corporate and startup leaders to share their unique perspectives.

The series is called the Dallas Innovates Collective Impact roundtable and includes a wide-ranging discussion moderated by Salah Boukadoum, founder of Impact City Initiative, Co-founder of Good Returns Network and CEO of Soap Hope.

Nonprofit participants include:

  • Kate Knight, Director of Innovation, GroundFloor Project, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
  • Michael Thomas, Executive Director, My Possibilities
  • Benjamin Vann, Founder and CEO of Impact House, a nonprofit business incubator

In the first of the three-part series, each expert looks at the core theme—social innovation—from their specific industry’s view. In parts two and three, the panel talks impact in DFW, what makes the region a unique breeding ground for social change, how we can improve, and more.

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