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Nominations open for the fourth annual Renewal Awards, $20,000 up for grabs

The Renewal Awards are a program from The Atlantic and Allstate to celebrate the social innovation demonstrated by thousands of nonprofits that are finding creative solutions to America’s most pressing problems.

Five nominees will receive a $20,000 award from Allstate, including the Allstate Youth Empowerment Award, in the spring of 2019. Winners will be selected through a period of public voting and evaluation from a panel of judges.

Nonprofits that serve communities within the United States are eligible to enter. Past winners have included an Austin organization that supports young Latina women and their mothers, and an eastern Pennsylvania community center that is connecting the many cultures that make up its vibrant town.

A team from The Atlantic evaluates all nominations based on the nonprofit’s unique approach to creating positive change, the impact it’s created to date, information available from nonprofit resources, such as GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and, as well as the short essay submitted by the nominator.

Nominations are open until November 30. Click here for more information. publishes every week.
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