Musicians file labor complaint against Casa Manana

Association says musicians suffered unprecedented hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The production of Matilda being staged at Casa Manana now through Feb. 13 has led to the Dallas Fort Worth Professional Musicians Association filing an Unfair Labor Practice complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

Productions in Casa Manana’s Broadway Series are historically performed with its live musicians in the orchestra pit. The current performance is being staged to an accompaniment of recorded tracks instead – resulting in musicians losing employment. According to the American Federation of Musicians, Local 72-147, the musicians’ union contract has long promised that there be a live orchestra in support of the company’s artistic tradition and historical standards.

As a result of Casa Manana’s decision to use synced recordings in lieu of fulfilling the reported contractual obligations to its musicians now that the theater is selling tickets at full price again, the Musicians Association filed the complaint last week. An investigation is pending.

DFW501c reached out to Casa Manana for comment, however they declined. publishes every week.
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