Morris Foundation Emphasizes New Strategic Collaborations

The Morris Foundation, located in Fort Worth, has shared their focus on a new top-down strategy in which subject-matter experts in the areas of education, healthcare and social services engage the community and provide leadership in solving the crucial challenges facing those most in need, according to Todd M. Morris Liles, the Foundation’s Executive Director.

“Our new business model allows us to better achieve the vision of our Founders, Jack B. and Linda C. Morris. Most importantly, it strengthens our effectiveness in fulfilling their mission, which we now steward,” Liles said. “We are enhancing our value proposition to the community, increasing returns—in terms of lives helped—for the social investments we make.”

About 300 representatives of more than 90 local organizations supported each year by The Morris Foundation gathered Thursday, August 22, 2019, to learn about the Foundation’s innovative strategic plan—a blueprint with a new high-engagement model that strives for maximal impact and outcomes in key areas. Collectively, their leadership, coupled with community partners, which includes the City of Fort Worth and Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, are embracing the Foundation’s “business of philanthropy.”

Education initiatives include:

  • Increasing the Number of Third Graders Reading on Grade Level
  • Developing Nurturing Learning Environments
  • Cultivating Transformational Leaders

Healthcare initiatives include:

  • Increasing Utilization of Mental Health Services
  • Developing a Functional Wellness Model in Fort Worth
  • Strengthening Preventative Outreach Programs

Social Services initiatives include:

  • Reducing Homelessness
  • Eliminating Food Insecurity While Improving Nutriment
  • Increasing Tools that Enable a Path Out of Poverty publishes every week.
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