Leadership ISD to host series of school board governance trainings

Leadership ISD has announced it will offer a series of trainings on school board governance over the next few months in response to the state of public education in Texas.

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, Texas students perform near the bottom of the barrel – 43rd out of 50 – when compared to other states. Research tells us school boards can have a significant impact on these outcomes.

Seven thousand school board members are leading districts across Texas, representing the largest group of elected officials in the state. However, only around 10% of eligible voters engage in these elections. There is tremendous opportunity for the public and our elected leaders to work together for the benefit of all kids.

Much like any organization, vision setting is a critical foundation for progress. In a school district, school boards are the crafters and the keepers of the vision – What do we stand for? Where are we going? How will we get there? – School boards must drive a focus on goals and build systems to support student success at every level. Doing this work in the very complex context of education presents many unique challenges to board members. Leadership ISD aims to support the efforts of school boards who are leading the way to a future full of hope and opportunity for all of their students.

The trainings offered will include information about preparing to run for district school boards, running a campaign and becoming prepared to govern once in office.

More information on dates and registration can be found at


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