Leadership Fort Worth recruiting for LeadingEdge

Leadership Fort Worth, one of the nation’s oldest community leadership development programs, is recruiting now for LeadingEdge, a program that engages emerging leaders to strengthen leadership practices and make an impact on Fort Worth as community trustees.
LeadingEdge, which is one of four Leadership Fort Worth programs for emerging and established leaders, gives participants the opportunity to forge connections with other community leaders and serve Fort Worth at a greater level.
 To apply, visit The regular application costs $100 and is due by Oct. 30. Members will be notified of their selection during the week of Nov. 20.
Through a series of workshop days, members develop their leadership abilities by identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, learning successful leadership practices, exploring community organization processes and connecting with community leaders via roundtable discussions, a press release stated. Workshops utilize real-life case studies to explore topics such as collaboration, messaging, presentation and decision-making techniques and organizational tools and concepts.
Upon completion of LeadingEdge, each member is given the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Fort Worth Board Shadow program, which facilitates placement of leaders on local nonprofit boards for one year of shadowing. Placement is based on participation in an initial SpeedBoarding process, which considers the preferences of both groups and aims for an optimal match of board shadows with nonprofit boards. At the end of the one-year term, many board shadows are invited to become full board members.
“LeadingEdge is the ideal program for young professionals looking to extend their leadership network and transition from community volunteer to community trustee,” stated Harriet Harral, Ph.D., executive director of Leadership Fort Worth, in the press release. “The Leadership Fort Worth Board Shadow program gives members an invaluable opportunity to have their voices heard in the community as they apply the skills learned in LeadingEdge to serve on local nonprofit boards.”
The LeadingEdge program runs from January through June. The program begins with a full-day retreat in January and is followed by monthly sessions and a closing retreat. Monthly sessions typically take place on Fridays from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Ideal candidates are leaders who are rising stars in their professions, serve in a leadership capacity in an organization, have nonprofit volunteer experience and aspire to hold a decision-making role on a community board or city commission.
To apply, visit The regular application costs $100 and is due by Oct. 30. Members will be notified of their selection during the week of Nov. 20.
For more information on LeadingEdge, visit publishes every week.
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