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In an email to members, KERA President/CEO Nico Leone announced today that KERA News will follow the lead of NPR and leave the Twitter platform.

Rather than paraphrase the announcement, DFW501c.com determined it more impactful to share the entire email:

Dear Charlie and Barbara,

As a member of KERA News, I want to share an update on KERA’s Twitter presence with you.
As you may have seen, last week Twitter labeled NPR as “U.S. state-affiliated media” — a term the platform applies to government-controlled, propaganda outlets in countries without a free press.
This label is unequivocally false. 
NPR is a nonprofit, news organization that is free of bias or influence. It exists to serve the public with fact-based news and context that helps us all understand the world around us. KERA is proud to air NPR programming, in addition to our own local news coverage, to bring you and your neighbors the trusted facts and context you need. We’re also proud that 92% of KERA’s funding comes directly from our North Texas community — including incredible members like you.
Twitter’s erroneous label undermines the credibility of NPR, and in turn, its hundreds of member stations that serve millions of people across the country. That’s why NPR has announced it is stepping away from Twitter — and KERA is doing the same.
Of course, there are still many ways you can access KERA’s essential reporting:
Subscribe to KERA News’ morning and evening e-newsletters for the top stories, straight to your inbox
Read KERA News reporting on keranews.org
Listen on KERA News 90.1 FM
Stream anywhere at kera.org or on the KERA mobile app
Find us on our other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  

KERA exists to speak truth to power, to support civil dialogue and inspire civic participation in North Texas. And it’s only possible because of you.
Thank you for all you make possible.
email sent to members from KERA President/CEO Nico Leone

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