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Friends With Benefits Announces 2018 Application Dates for Scholarships, Grants

This story originally appeared on the Denton Record-Chronicle

Denton-based Friends With Benefits announced that it will again offer scholarships and grants to local musicians for education and creative purposes. The application deadline for both funding opportunities is May 14.

Friends With Benefits will give scholarships to two music students pursuing a college degree in music and grants to two local bands to help further their creative projects.

“Last year, our organization was able to fund two local students, as well as two prominent Denton-based bands, Swandiver and The Infaminsts,” said Vice-president Dallas Guill to the Denton Record-Chronicle. “With many of us in this organization having backgrounds in the Denton music scene, this program allows us the chance to invest in the career of young musicians and support up and coming local acts.”

Applicants can view the requirements and application here.


Friends with Benefits (FWB) is a 501(c)(3) in Denton, Texas that benefits North Texas charitable organizations that better our local communities, schools and/or neighborhoods. Every year, FWB picks a cause and chooses 3-5 charitable organizations to benefit that fit the theme for the year. Its goal is to put on fun events in Denton, Texas to raise funds and awareness to North Texas charitable organizations and causes. Find out more on the FWB Facebook page. publishes every week.
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