Fort Worth Museum of Science and History begins construction

It’s the first time the organization has broken ground in more than a decade.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (FWMSH) has broken ground on its first new construction since 2009. Galaxy Park, an all inclusive playground for guests of all abilities, is set to open in August.

Galaxy Park is designed to ensure each and every child, regardless of abilities or needs, can fully enjoy physical activity on a playground. Design choices were made to offer a space for children with physical disabilities or those who may experience sensory overload conditions and need a place to retreat.

Funding of more than $583,000 for the project was provided by Leo Potishman Trust, the Bird Family Foundation, the Ryan Foundation, the R4 Foundation, Dream Park, the Miles Foundation and an anonymous donor.

Galaxy Park will enable a wider range of active movement for museum guests and for all of the educational programs that take place on site, including Fort Worth Museum Preschool, grant education programs and field trips.

Design and construction companies involved with the project include Open Space, which facilitated the playground design and construction. Whirlix provided playground equipment and design. Valley Quest Design is the project’s landscape architect and Fowlkes, Norman & Associates provided landscape design.

“This playground will be a fundamental place for guests to find enjoyment, develop social skills through community play and build physical activity,” said Orlando Carvalho, President of the Museum. “We invite children of all backgrounds together with their parents, guardians and other family members to explore what makes the Museum great.” publishes every week.
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