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Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts students start movement to protest board/faculty communications

This story originally appeared in the Star-Telegram

Students from the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA), a charter school, have started a movement to peacefully protest for transparency and communication between the Executive Board of FWAFA and its teachers/students.

The movement was started after the Mar. 13 forced removal of school board member, Katie Copeland, and faculty departures, including the high school’s principal, Craig Shreckengast.

Copeland told the Star-Telegram that “she believes she was removed for questioning faculty changes steered by President Clint Riley”.

The movement has a Facebook group, “Join OUR Movement” and an Instagram account, @join_our_movement, which collectively have over 600 followers, as of Apr. 10. The Facebook group shares that those involved in the movement will peacefully protest by wearing black, make public records requests, and attend executive board meetings.

According to a post on the movement’s Instagram page, student parents and alumni have begun to support the protest. The post also states that supporters of the movement plan to attend an open forum discussion on Monday, Apr. 16 with Riley.


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