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DRC Solutions and Broadway Baptist Church partner during extreme heat

DRC Solutions, Broadway Baptist Church, and the City of Fort Worth have partnered to open an overflow shelter for approximately 120 people in need of immediate relief from the heat. This is the first time the organizations and city have partnered to open an overflow shelter due to extreme heat.

In an Aug. 17 statement on DRC Solution’s Facebook Page, the organization said:

“Extreme heat + full emergency shelters = Many people without any way to escape the elements. DRC Solutions in partnership with Broadway Baptist Church – Fort Worth and the Fort Worth City Hall (City of Fort Worth) have opened an overflow shelter, providing space for approximately 120 people. We’ve operated an overflow shelter in the cold weather before, but this is the first time we’ve been called upon in the summer. It’s HOT out there, y’all, and there’s no place else to go.”

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