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Dallas Warriors receive donations through ONIT Home social share campaign

ONIT Home is continuing its monthly community outreach campaign by teaming up with veteran-service organizations, Carry The Load and the Dallas Warriors, in observance of Memorial Day.

The Dallas Warriors is a nonprofit organization offering U.S. military veterans rehabilitation through hockey. ONIT Home is raising donations for the Dallas Warriors through comments and shares on posts within their social media channels: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Since starting this campaign, ONIT has seen a 611% increase in monthly donations for their $12,000 yearly goal. ONIT Home is halfway to their monthly donation goal for the Dallas Warriors.

Carry The Load is a nonprofit providing ways to connect Americans to the sacrifices made by our military. To support Carry The Load, ONIT will join the organization’s National Relay at 11 a.m. on May 29 in Fort Worth, Texas.

“Remembering and memorializing the fallen heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we live today is the least we can do as Americans,” Curtis Kindred, ONIT Home’s CEO, said. “Supporting the organizations that strive selflessly to help provide our veterans a life with meaning, purpose, security, and fulfillment should be in the mind of every participant of our free society.” publishes every week.
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