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Dallas Pets Alive! debuts new program matching adoptable pets with music playlists

Dallas Pets Alive! introduced “Spoty Play” this year: the first playlists curated to match dogs with dog-lovers. Spotify users can visit the Dallas Pets Alive page in the app to listen to playlists representing adoptable dogs from the shelter.

Each dog’s playlist features a photo, a short bio, and a link to donate or start the adoption process. Each playlist is curated to fit a dog’s personality and attitude, whether they’re mellow, high-energy, shy, outdoorsy, or anywhere in between. Now adopters can discover their perfect pet through music.

The account currently has nearly 50 available dogs’ playlists to browse, as well as playlists for dogs that have been marked as already adopted.

You can view the introduction video here.


The Dallas Pets Alive mission is to promote and provide the resources, education and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals. To find out more, visit the organization’s website.

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