County-level data on North Texas nonprofits now available

The North Texas Nonprofit Institute (NTXNPI) announced the release of its annual State of Nonprofits and Philanthropy Report, a comprehensive overview of the trends and economic impacts within the nonprofit sector across the sixteen North Texas counties. The Institute released a regional report in September, but has recently added individual county reports, providing communities with valuable insights into their unique landscapes.

Dr. Colton Strawser, the Executive Director of the Institute, underscored the significance of nonprofits as powerful economic drivers within communities, asserting that they play a crucial role in fostering societal well-being and prosperity. “Our county-level reports aim to bring the spotlight onto the extraordinary impact nonprofits have on the economic fabric of North Texas. These organizations are not just providers of essential services; they are catalysts for positive change, creating jobs, spurring innovation, and enhancing the overall quality of life in our communities.”

The report highlights key metrics within each county, demonstrating the nonprofit sector’s resilience and adaptability, even in challenging times. It showcases the sector’s ability to stimulate economic growth, attract investments, and build partnerships that strengthen the social fabric. Dr. Strawser further states, “Nonprofits are not just responders to societal needs; they are proactive contributors to community development. By understanding the trends and economic impacts, we empower local leaders, policymakers, and citizens to collaboratively shape a thriving future.”

You can download the regional and county-level reports by visiting https://www.ntxnonprofits.org/sonp.

Source: Press Release

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