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Center for Transforming Lives releases report citing worsening outcomes for women and children

Center for Transforming Lives (CTL) released its latest research report on Tarrant County family health and well-being. The report provides data related to mothers and children experiencing poverty and urges local leaders and lawmakers to consider larger investments in comprehensive services for women, children, and communities to disrupt the cycle of poverty. 

The report was developed by the Center for Transforming Lives in collaboration partnership with Virginia Leidner, Grace Maynard and Erika L Thompson at the School of Public Health, University of North Texas Health Science Center. 

The Center for Transforming Lives focuses their direct service work on women and their children to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing comprehensive housing services, early childhood education, economic mobility services, and clinical counseling.  

“This research helps us to be even more strategic in our partnerships,” said Carol Klocek, CEO of Center for Transforming Lives. ” CTL can’t do it all but we can partner with other organizations in Tarrant County while helping them to better understand the particular interests of women and children.” 

The report sheds new light on issues that impact Tarrant County families, such as school readiness, poverty levels, and area median income, and provides insights and data on how poverty impacts families. According to the report, poverty hits single-mother families the hardest: “While 8% of families in Tarrant County live in poverty, 32% of families headed by single mothers live in poverty, contributing to significant destabilization, including homelessness.”

“Center for Transforming Lives is interested in population-level change. We are a direct service provider, but we are also a leader and advocate for sustainable change in our community. We strive to ensure that every stakeholder and decision-maker has the information necessary to advance policies that improve maternal, child, and community well-being.” Says Jessica Trudeau, Chief Transformation Officer at CTL.  

The report is available for download on the Center for transforming Lives’ website publishes every week.
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