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Momentus Institute launches online social emotional health training

Momentus Institute has launched an online social emotional health training for educators.

In a statement on the organization’s website, the nonprofit explains, “social emotional health is a key predictor for academic achievement and long-term success. These expert-led training courses give educators access to tangible, research-driven strategies to transform a classroom.”

The online training course is led by a team of 33 experts in mental health and education. The training includes 10 courses covering different strategies used to equip educators with simple tools to build and repair social emotional health in the classroom.

The first course, Introduction to Social Emotional Health, is free, while each additional course is $19.97.

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Momentous Institute is a nearly 100-year-old Dallas-based nonprofit organization that has worked in mental health and education to build and repair social emotional health in children’s lives since 1920. Each year, Momentous Institute directly serves over 5,500 children and family members through its innovative therapeutic services and its nationally-acclaimed Momentous School. In an effort to reach far more children than it could ever serve directly, Momentous Institute has created a set of online trainings to impact more classrooms and empower teachers with social emotional health practices. Learn more about Momentous Institute here. publishes every week.
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