2018 Cliburn Festival to feature the music of Russia

The 2018 Cliburn Festival will take place February 22-25 at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and is a celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Van Cliburn’s historic International Tchaikovsky Competition victory.

The organization’s website highlights the importance of this anniversary by stating: “The impact of Van Cliburn’s victory at the First International Tchaikovsky Competition cannot be overstated; he disregarded boundaries and brought the world together through excellent music and his signature warmth.”

The organization also points out its founder’s appreciation and love for the music of Russia, which is the main purpose behind this year’s theme selection.

Tickets are on sale now. You can find out more here.


It is the mission of the Cliburn to advance classical piano music throughout the world. Its international competitions, education programs, and concert series embody an enduring commitment to artistic excellence and the discovery of young artists.

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